CES Members (As at Jan 2021)
Name Faculty Research Area

Professor Dr. Choong Chee Keong
Economics, FBF

Banking and finance, Belt and Road Initiative, Environmental Kuznets Curve and Carbon Emissions, Financial development and system, Financial Liberalization and trade patterns, Foreign direct investment and private capital flows, Institutional Quality, Remittances, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Professor Dr. Eng Yoke Kee
Economics, FBFApplied Macroeconomics, application of econometrics analysis on economics issues

Assoc Prof Dr. Abdelhak Senadjki
Economics, FBFEconomic Development, Elderly & Health Promotion Behaviour, Employee Creativity & Innovation, Energy Economics, Green Human Resource Management, Housing Bubble, Poverty in Islamic Economics, Smart Tourism, Youth and Technology

Assoc Prof Dr. Lau Lin Sea
Economics, FBF

Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Professor Dr. Wong Chin Yoong
Economics, FBF    International macro, trade, and finance

Assoc Prof Dr Au Yong Hui Nee
Economics, FBF
Behavioral Economics, Development Economics, Digital Economy, Financial Risk, Health Economics, International Economics, Real Estate Economics, Transport Economics  

Dr Chia Fah Choy
Built Environment, FESConstruction Management, Project Management, Construction Economics, Development Economics

Dr Foo Chuan Chew
Economics, FBFMicroeconomics, Education Economics


Dr Go You How 
Economics, FBFCommodity Markets, Environmental Economics, Financial Economics, Agricultural Economics, Applied Econometrics, Financial Derivatives, Risk Analysis 

Dr Tan Ai Lian
Economics, FBFApplied Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Finance

Dr Tan Chai Thing
Economics, FBFMacroeconomics, Monetary economics, Financial economics

Dr Yiew Thian Hee
Economics, FBF

Crime and Terrorism, Biodiversity, Climate change, Economic development

Dr Yip Chee Yin
Economics, FBF  Environmental Economics 

Dr Yogambigai Rajamoorthy
Economics, FAM  Health Economics, Environmental Economics 

Dr Vikniswari Vija Kumaran
Economics, FBF  Efficiency, Industry Analysis, Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Mr Cheah Siew Pong
Finance, FBFFinancial and Monetary Economics, Income Inequality

Dr Chen Fanyu
Economics, FBFMicroeconomics, International Economics, Development Economics, Financial Economics, Political Economics

Ms Chitrah Krishnan
Economics, FBF Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Financial Economics

Ms Kalai Vani Kalimuthu
Economics, FBF   Development, Environment, Labour  

Ms Koay Ying Yin
Economics, FBF Happiness Economics and Financial Economics

Ms Juliana binti Abu Bakar
Economics, FBFEconomics, Labor Economics, Takaful & Insurance.

Mr Lee Chin Yu
Economics, FBFApplied Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics

Mr Lim Chong Heng
Finance, FBFFinancial Risk Management, Financial Economic  

Ms Lim Shiau Mooi
Economics, FBFApplied Economics

Mr Lui Tze Kiat
Commerce & Accountancy, FBFCorporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Disclosure, E-commerce & Business Information Systems

Mr Keh Chia Guan
Economics, FBFFinancial Economics, Development Economics

Mr Jireh Chan Yi-Le
Finance, FBFDigital Economics, Financial Economics   

Senior Lecturer Mr Ng Cheong Fatt
Finance, FBFEnvironmental Economics, Energy Economics, Financial Economics 

Ms Tang Siu Eng
Economics, FBFEconometrics

Ms Tan Yan Teng
Economics, FBFEconomics, FDI, Tourism

Ms Thavamalar Ganapathy
Economics, FBFConsumer Behaviour, Human Resource,
Labour Economics

Mr Thurai Murugan Nathan
Economics, FBFEnergy Economics; International Economics; Agricultural Economics; Environmental Economics; Digital Economics

 Ms Vinothiny Subramaniam
Economics, FBFHappiness Economics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, International Trade

DR Vivien Wong Zi Wen
Economics, FBFMacroeconomics, Institutional Economics, Political Economics, Rent-Seeking Behavior, Innovation, Income Inequality 

Woo Kok Hoong*
Finance, FBFBanking and Finance. Teaching & Learning: Banking and Finance

Dr Teoh Sok Yee*
Economics, FBFCorporate Social Responsibility, Organisational Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour.
Dr Fok Kuk Fai
Economics, FAMBelt & Road studies, Econometrics,
Global and regional value chain, Mathematical economics,
Scientific collaboration network, Social network analysis (SNA)

Ms Seow Ai Na*
Finance, FBFEducational Research Studies, Leadership and Motivations, Small and Medium Enterprises, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Strategic Management - TOWS analysis, Tourism Studies

Dr Choong Yuen Onn*
Business, FBFMedical Tourism, Organisational Behaviour, Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM)

Ms Liew Feng Mei*
Finance, FBFMacroeconomics, Personal Finance, Financial Well-being

Mr Lee Chee Loong*
Finance, FBFEconometric, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Public Finance

Mr Ravindran Nadarajan*
Business, FBFHuman Resource Management, International Business law, Family Law, Employment law
Notes: Associate Membership