Centre for Economic Studies


Centre for Economic Studies (CES) is one of the research centres at Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). The Centre aims to achieve excellence in research and consultancy and to gain recognition at national- and international level. The research works in the Centre focus on various economic related areas, including financial economics, monetary economics, international economics, sustainable development, and applied macroeconomics. In line with the University's mission to strengthen its research activities, the Centre is a platform for academic staff and graduate students to discuss and to share their research ideas and activities.   





The Tun Ismail Ali Chair (TIAC) Research Grant 2018 is now open.


Good research proposal with potential publication(s) in Web of Science (WoS) platform are welcomed. The grant scheme aims to support research projects in the area of monetary and financial economics, in line with the objective of TIAC. 


The Guidelines for TIAC Research Grant is as attached.


Grant Research Areas


In line with the objective of Tun Ismail Ali Chair (TIAC), grants are allocated for research projects in the area of Monetary and Financial Economics. The project will be ranked in order of the following priority research areas:


      i.        Inflation dynamicsFocus of topics can be on shifting inflation dynamics (i.e. flattening of Phillips curve) and the implications for monetary policy, and more micro-analysis on the price-setting behaviour of firms.

    ii.        Impact of technology on the economyTopics can include the impact of digitalisation on the economy, impact of cryptocurrencies on monetary policy.

   iii.        Monetary policy and inequalityTopics would cover the distributional impact of monetary policy.




The TIAC research grant is open for application by academic staff currently employed at institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.

Amount of Grant and Project Duration


-   up to RM50,000

-   maximum project duration of twelve (12) months.


Please submit the application to IPSR earlier or by 31 October 2018 (Wednesday):

i. TIAC Research Grant Application Form 2018 and other supporting documents; 

Note :

-     Please email the application form & other supporting document softcopy to azahian@utar.edu.my.

ii. FM-IPSR-R&D-007 Recommendations form from Research Centre & Faculty; and
iii. FM-IPSR-R&D-066-Executive Summary

IPSR Contact Person:


Azahian binti Abdul Kadir

IPSR Sg Long


Ext: 846

UTAR Strategic Research Fund (UTARSRF) 2018 

The UTAR Strategic Research Funding Scheme (UTARSRF) is introduced to promote excellence in research that expands the boundaries of knowledge, especially in strategic research areas that have been identified by the University. 

Terms of Application: 
(1) The maximum duration of the research programme is 3 years. 
(2) A research programme must involve a minimum of three (3) projects from different department/faculties within UTAR. 
(3) Application must be multi-disciplinary (at least three (3) research areas), involving the corpus of science, engineering & technology and social sciences, arts & humanities. 
(4) Maximum allocation of RM600,000.00 per research programme for the whole duration (maximum 3 years) with a maximum funding of RM200,000.00 per research programme per year. 

Application Procedures: 
Application for this grant will be done in two stages: 
(1) Stage 1: Submission of concept paper. 
(2) Stage 2: Submission of full proposal upon recommendation of concept paper. 

Applicant is required to submit the following to IPSR before 31st October 2018
(1) Concept paper (2 hardcopies and softcopy) 
(2) Recommendation from RC and Faculty form.